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"If we can be in the world in the fullness of 
our humanity, what are we capable of"?

Margaret J. Wheatley and Myron Kellner-Rodgers, a simpler way


Organizational Transformation Requires Personal Transformation


It is essential to integrate inner work with culture and behavior change initiatives to increase the likelihood of change that sticks. Without alignment across all aspects of the organizational system, new programs and policies in one area will be canceled out by hidden resistance and counter reactions elsewhere in the system.


Powerful Simplicity

It can be difficult to introduce practices that promote stillness and self-reflection in a society that values busyness. The HumanBrilliance approach to inner work uses archetypal qualities, essential elements of the human experience, to structure and guide reflective practice. Archetypes provide a simple yet powerful way to help individuals discover hidden potential within while enhancing the organization’s capacity to create and manifest its purpose.


Small Steps

Deeper ways of being, interacting and engaging with the world can be an intimidating leap forward. HumanBrilliance helps people start slowly and with clear intention by offering short, simple, self-leadership practices that are easily incorporated into daily living.

Begin your journey of self-discovery with a quick assessment and introductory self-leadership practices.


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Inner World Orientation

Learn about the essential elements of the human experience with an online interactive learning module. Take a short assessment to discover hidden potential within. Begin simple daily practices to let go of limiting beliefs and create new patterns of thought and behavior. 

30 Day Team Jump Start

Receive a tailored orientation and discussion about how to shift the human dynamic in your workplace. Create and execute a 30 day plan to test the impact of simple, targeted daily practices that shift self-perception and team interactions.

Inner World Tool

Participate in testing and shaping an App Tool as a beta- customer. This tool provides a simple yet powerful way to support individual development, organizational development and culture shift in the direction of human brilliance. 

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