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Key Features

Inner work is essential for any major change initiative to really take hold. Yet, how do you structure it, guide it and measure progress to achieve results? This tool supports inner development at 3 levels: personal, interpersonal and collective-cultural. 

Personal: Explore your inner world with direction and intention. The tool provides a map and clues to help guide individuals in doing their inner work using their own personal device with all data private to the user. This inner practice has 3 simple steps: 

  • train your attention by noticing current reactions, thoughts and behaviors;

  • uncover hidden fears and assumptions that block development;

  • create new patterns of beliefs and behaviors with simple daily practices.

Interpersonal: Send specialized person-to-person notes from your mobile phone to improve interpersonal communication. Practice speaking from an “I” perspective for common interactions such as appreciation, apology and feedback.

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Collective Cultural: Like “paint-by-number”, the visual display of the inner world gradually fills with color as users make progress on their journey. The same visual representation of the inner world scales by population: single user, team, organization. The power of this design is the capacity to link individual development and collective culture shift in the same direction toward becoming more fully human.

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